Deep freezer model UDD 300 SCEB

Deep freezer model UDD 500 SCEB

The dimensions of this product include: depth 660, height 950 and width 1040 mm and the temperature range of this product is between -15 and -26  degrees Celsius.

According to the mentioned temperature range, it can be used to store and freeze products such as ice cream, meat and all kinds of food.

The unique design and its manufacturing make an attractive goods for foreign  and domestic customers in accordance with current European standards as well as Iran’s national standards .


The internal cabin  is made  fabric and due to the type of cabin and its evaporator piping system, the required cooling is provided from all directions.

Also, during washing inside the cabin, the least damage has not done to the product, and the water is also directed outside through the built-in pipe from washing

The arrangement of the evaporator tubes is also unique and the material used in this process accelerates the heat transfer.

The glass door of this product is completely strong and does not cause any harm to the consumer if broken. The technology which is used in making glass minimizes energy loss and prevents harmful rays from entering the cabin.

The shields are completely covered with polyethylene and the variety of these allows the customer to use for different applications.

Also, this can be offered to the customer with two types of thermostats (mechanical, digital).

All products have a digital thermometer that displays the internal temperature .

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