After-sales service and warranty

Dear consumer:

Hello . Thank you for choosing Ugur products.

It is necessary to read the training content related to the purchased device through the manual available in the product or Uguraria website at To request the installation of your device, repair or advice, please contact us by  09102198068 or email Please note that the Guarantee of this device is subject to compliance with the points in this Guarantee and also It is mentioned in the product brochure.

Guarantee conditions:

The Guarantee of the purchased product is subject to the presentation of a valid dated sales invoice from the authorized stores of uguraria or the presentation of a completed Guarantee card from the representatives who are introduced to you by  the official page of this company. In case the device is set up by the consumer, the Guarantee criteria is based on the product’s production date.
In case of setting up the device by the consumer, the opinion of the expert of Ugur Aria company regarding defects, criteria and standards.

The cost of  back and forth, installation and commissioning and training on the use of the device at the beginning of commissioning is on    the customers’ responsibility and according to the tariff of ugurarya company (listed on the website of this company). Also, the cost of additional services and equipment requested by the consumer, such as additional wiring, protective installation, etc., is on the customers’ the responsibility


Guarantee period:

It is 18 months

Items that are not included in the Guarantee:

Non-standard start-up processes by the consumer that have resulted in damage to the product. (The evaluation criterion is the opinion of Ugur Aria service expert)
Damage caused by electricity fluctuations, natural disasters, fire, improper use, transportation, or environmental factors such as humidity and…
Using non-standard instructions such as washing electrical parts and device repairs by technicians outside the uguraria service network
And all above- mentioned in the product manual as Guarantee cancellation factors.

The cost of installing ugur refrigerators and freezers: