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یخچال ایستاده اوگور

Standing refrigerator USS 374 model

The dimensions of this refrigerator include: depth 660, height 2070 and width 605 mm and the temperature range of this product is between -1 and +7 degrees Celsius. According to the mentioned temperature range, this product can be used to store all kinds of food.

فریزر صندوقی500 لیتری اوگور

Deep freezer UDD500 model

The dimensions of this freezer include: depth 660, height 950 and width 1585 mm and the temperature range of this product is between -15 to -30 °C

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By using resources, knowledge and efficient technologies, providing the innovative products, services and creating new values, ugur Aria will help to improve people’s comfort and confidence , Creating a better society and will strive to gain the position of the best producer of refrigeration industries


Why Ugur...!?

Ugur Aria company with more than 11 years experiences produces  various refrigeration products with a space of over 43,000 (forty three thousand) square meters and with 200,000 (twenty thousand) square meters of production halls and warehouses and more than 70 (seventy) people which is capable of producing 350,000 (three hundred and fifty thousand) types of industrial refrigerators and freezers annually.
Extensive organizational sales and cooperation with distribution and sales agencies…

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