about us

Uguraria; From Turkey to Iran! Uğur Cooling Inc. started its production in 1954 in Turkey, and now is a global trade brand with the advancement in  cooling products in the true sense, which established factory in Mamounieh, Iran in 1389 AH.


This factory, under the registered name of Ugur Aria, with an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, with the most equipped devices and the use of the latest technological methods in the world, while guarantee the quality in accordance with national and international standards, has provided value and operational support for the preservation of the environment.the aim of satisfying customers, it serves the mass production of corporate orders.

 Ugur Aria, with the support of our team’s knowledge and capabilities, is  provided our dear audience with a clear vision to achieve lofty organizational and national goals

Serving corporate customers is  The Ugur honor…