Refrigerators and freezers

Types of refrigerators and freezers


What you may not have noticed is that there are different types of refrigerators and freezers, not all of which are compatible with your kitchen layout. Not only buying a fridge-freezer is not easy ,but also to help you get the most satisfaction from your purchase, read the following guide to get to know the full range of fridge-freezers.

Types of refrigerators

  • Simple refrigerator without freezer

Old refrigerators without a freezer form a large category are designed and produced in different sizes. They’re probably the kind of refrigerators you grew up with, simple and low-tech. If you need a simple refrigerator, they are the most affordable on the market. Because they do not have a freezer, their function is only as a food cooler.

Due to its small size, the single-door standing is often chosen to be placed in small kitchens.

Show case fridge

Among the types, its showcase type which is in the form of shelves and without drawers. It has a glass door where you can see the contents of the food or drink inside it. These types are produced in two, home and store, one of the most high-quality producers of it is Ugur Turkey refrigerator, which can be used in many shopping centers due to its facilities. Be cognizant of that beauty plays an important role in the design of these products, but the manufacturer’s awareness of the design standards is much more important. If these standards are well respected, they will lead to better cold storage, lower energy consumption, and ultimately a longer product life. It is the best option for people who have already bought a separate freezer.

  • Simple freezer without refrigerator

Many brands have designed a special type of freezer that the space belongs to the freezer and there is no compartment for the refrigerator. In these single-door freezers, there are several drawers for easier access to items, from top to bottom, to make the best possible use of all the freezer space.


Among the types of freezers, in contrast to the standing refrigerator, the down(chest/horizontal) freezer type is designed without a refrigerator and as a box like a chest. The main function is to store frozen food. Usually, in certain stores, chest freezers are often used to store ice cream. In the design of these types, made different sizes for different kitchen spaces which is significant points must be taken into account by the manufacturing company. such as the integrated design of the interior of the freezer cabin or placing a space for the easy exit of water during washing or the use of resistant and standard tempered glass that prevents energy consumption and light and harmful rays from entering the refrigerator. Food products should be kept in perfect health. Ugur brand has followed all these standards in the design of refrigerators and freezers and has included many other items to provide the best quality to customers.

Double fridge-freezer

Some brands, when producing single-door refrigerators and freezers, have designed them in such a way that they can be placed together when the door is opened. This type of twin refrigerators is easier to transport than side-by-side refrigerators because they are separated from each other. It can also be an ideal option for large families in terms of the space used. The noteworthy point is the occupation of the kitchen space, which cannot be very suitable for small kitchens.

Types of combined refrigerators and freezers

A combination fridge-freezer is the best choice for people with a small budget and a small kitchen. These types of refrigerators are available in two types, lower refrigerator and upper freezer or vice versa. Both hybrid models are great options for people looking for more comfort. They may not be ideal for large homes as they take up less space than individual fridges and freezers.

Bottom refrigerator, top freezer

These types of refrigerators offer a classic and nostalgic look that goes well with any kitchen design. According to your budget and the number of people in the family, the bottom refrigerator and top freezer can be a great choice. It’s ideal for people who don’t need a lot of freezer capacity or fancy features. There are no drawers in the freezer and more attention has been paid to the proper design of the floors. Perhaps one of the drawbacks of these types of refrigerators is that, when the refrigerator door is at the bottom, looking inside the refrigerator may not be the easiest and you have to bend your back more. Usually, these types of refrigerators have a more reasonable price

Upper refrigerator, lower freezer

If you often use the freezer, a bottom freezer may be your best choice because there are baskets or drawers for easy storage and access. Bottom freezers are generally more spacious than top freezers and can better accommodate larger frozen items. Note that the bottom freezer has a smaller refrigerator unit than the top freezer. Because the refrigerator is used more than the freezer, this model can be a more suitable option because you bend your back less to use the refrigerator.

Side by side refrigerator freezer

Side by Side is a type of refrigerator-freezer that has two vertical doors. The separator separates the freezer and the refrigerator. Generally, the refrigerator section is larger than the freezer section because the food in the refrigerator is bulkier and takes up more space. However, due to the narrowness of the refrigerator, you cannot put large containers and foods in the refrigerator. The design of this luxurious and stylish refrigerator has undergone many changes. In addition, in this type, the water cooler and ice maker are also installed outside the refrigerator door, which, of course, takes up a lot of space in the refrigerator.

French door refrigerator

If you are looking for a spacious fridge-freezer, a French door fridge-freezer is an ideal choice. The French door refrigerator has a combination of side by side and bottom freezer. These types of refrigerators can store large amounts of foods and drinks. It has right and left doors that divide the refrigerator into two parts and a freezer at the bottom, which is designed with a drawer. Needless to say , considering its luxurious shape, it is also costly. Altitude and broadness, spacious interior, various options, ice maker and water cooler are only part of the features of this refrigerator.

4-door refrigerator-freezer

Knowing the types of refrigerators, this type of refrigerator is similar to the French door refrigerator, but with two doors in the freezer section. This means that the drawers have been changed from one piece to two pieces and you can separate the food in the freezer better.

To Sum up

Refrigerator is one of the most important kitchen appliances. Since there are different types of refrigerators, you should pay attention to some points when choosing them. Kitchen space, preference for refrigerator or freezer, number of family members, amount of food used and of course budget, each of which can limit your choices. In order to find the best types of refrigerator freezers, we tried to introduce the best-selling refrigerator freezers in the market, including box freezers and Ugur, so that you can make an easier choice.

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